Edrich Lumber, Inc. manufactures and sells a variety of products to accommodate the needs of landscapers, contractors, construction companies and homeowners.

Mulch & Colored Mulch

Edrich Lumber is a pioneer in the East Coast for manufacturing mulch out of wood waste products. We use state-of-the-art equipment to grind leaves, brush, stumps, pallets and unwanted wood waste brought to our facilities to be recycled. This wood waste is ground multiple times in order to achieve the finest quality product. Our mulch is free of any chemically treated wood waste, debris, insects or metal. At Edrich Lumber, we have developed a process of naturally aging our mulch to ensure a consistent and well-composted product.

We currently offer black, brown and red color enhanced mulch that is eco-friendly, in addition to our premium hardwood and bark mulches. Edrich Lumber offers our products to anyone with an open back pick-up truck, trailer or large open trucks. If you don't have access to one of these, we will deliver. Our truck fleets can accommodate your needs, from a minimum of 5 cubic yard up to a tractor trailer carrying 55 cubic yards delivered in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.


Edrich Lumber’s topsoils are a blend of local soils and well-aged horse manure. Our screened topsoil is perfect for all your lawn and garden renovations. We also offer Leafgro, ORGRO and a Topsoil blend with each of these products. Our Topsoil ORGRO blend is perfect for growing a robust lawn and our Topsoil Leafgro blend is great for plants and vegetables.

Our soil products are sold by the yard and are available all year round. We can deliver a 4-yard minimum and up to 18 yards in one truck.

Architectural Stone

Part of our line of products accommodating the landscape companies is the variety of architectural stones, which compliment our mulches and can enhance any landscape projects.

Sawdust & Woodchips

As a result of our milling process we also produce woodchips. The woodchips have good appearance and insulation capabilities. Woodchips also help to control weeds, while allowing good water penetration and moisture retention. The woodchips have a slow decomposition speed and have little effect on Nitrogen in soil.

Mulch Fines

Substitute for shavings and sawdust. Highly absorbent and naturally dark in color. 100% Organic.
Soft Underfoot and may be used for animal bedding

No Children Allowed Out of Vehicles on Property in Loading & Dumping Areas