Scragg Logs in Baltimore & Maryland

With the escalating costs of fuel and equipment maintenance, bringing low grade small logs to Edrich Lumber, Inc. , could be very beneficial to your company. At Edrich Lumber, Inc. , we have expanded our sawmill capabilities, allowing us to receive low grade and short logs. This new expansion enables us to process logs that are 8”-18” in diameter, and as short as 7' and as long as 22'! By bringing your short and low grade logs to Edrich Lumber, you are not only cutting back on the cost of shipping and equipment maintenance, but you also get paid by Edrich Lumber for your load. Whether it’s a small pickup truck load or a tractor trailer load, we are ready to receive and pay for your short logs!

Please take into consideration the following guidelines, which will apply to incoming logs:

  • We will pay for all hardwood species including poplar
  • Minimum log requirements: 8” diameter, 7' length
  • Maximum diameter 18”, maximum length 22'
  • Logs must be straight and free of branches
  • All branches must be flush-cut
  • Solid knots are acceptable
  • Rotted or hollow logs are not acceptable
  • Logs need to be green, we will not accept aged logs
  • Please do not mix spruce and pine with hardwood
  • We will accept and pay for softwoods

Scragg Logs Pricing (FOB):

Tri-axle/Tractor Trailer Loads:

  • $45.00 per TON for hardwood (poplar, oaks, and mixed hardwood)
  • $38.00 per TON for pine (Spruce,Cypress & Cedar not accepted)

Smaller Trucks

  • $30.00 per TON for hardwood (poplar, oaks, and mixed hardwood)
  • $23.00 per TON for pine (Spruce, Cypress & Cedar not accepted)

Prices may change without notice according to the consistency of the load and market price. Please call for pricing at 1-877-MDMULCH or 410-922-5959

Perfect Scragg Load

Perfect Scragg Load

Perfect Scragg Load

No Children Allowed Out of Vehicles on Property in Loading & Dumping Areas